IQBox’s New Blog

Hi everyone,

If you found this, just a heads up that this is not the official IQBox blog any longer. It was moved quite a while ago.

IQBox’s blog has moved to:


IQBox is switching to GIT

I am going to move the project’s source hosting to Git… To be clear, FTP will still be the backend for IQBox itself, I’m just saying that the programmers will use GIT to share the IQBox source code.

IQBox Alpha gets 4/5 stars on SoftSea

Looks like word of mouth is traveling. The pre-alpha 4 (older than current) is now listed on SoftSea and got a 4/5 rating. Pretty good for a pre-alpha! We also got the 100% Free award from Softpedia. I put a lot of effort into making the software work well out of the box, and without polluting the user’s computer. For example, I could’ve used the registry for setup wizard registration and data, but there’s better ways ie: local data files.

IQBox Alpha 5 Now Released!

Click below to download:

New features include better threading, the “Run on Windows Startup” option, file-level commits, and more. See the full list in the Release Notes.

Small delay in release of next version; will be done by Monday

I know I mentioned to some people I’d release the next version of IQBox today, but it looks like it will need to be by Monday. According to the roadmap, we’re still ahead of the game. Check the roadmap for the upcoming features.

Dropbox Security Alert: Dropbox Wasn’t Checking Passwords at All Yesturday for About 4 Hours

Another reason to use IQBox: Here’s the link from Dropbox themselves. It’s verified: They weren’t checking passwords for 4 hours!

My response: Working to release the next build of IQBox ASAP! Now the burning need is extremely clear and I’ve had people contact me. I hope to release the next version tomorrow, June 30th, which will add a lot of robustness.

Just in case DropBox’s post is removed, I copied and pasted it below:

Yesterday’s Authentication Bug

Posted by Arash Ferdowsi on June 20, 2011
Hi Dropboxers,

Yesterday we made a code update at 1:54pm Pacific time that introduced a bug affecting our authentication mechanism. We discovered this at 5:41pm and a fix was live at 5:46pm. A very small number of users (much less than 1 percent) logged in during that period, some of whom could have logged into an account without the correct password. As a precaution, we ended all logged in sessions.

We’re conducting a thorough investigation of related activity to understand whether any accounts were improperly accessed. If we identify any specific instances of unusual activity, we’ll immediately notify the account owner. If you’re concerned about any activity that has occurred in your account, you can contact us at

This should never have happened. We are scrutinizing our controls and we will be implementing additional safeguards to prevent this from happening again.


[Update – Mon, 10:46pm] – We’re working around the clock to gather additional data and continue to review logs for potentially unauthorized activity. We aim to notify users who had login activity during the period within the next few hours.

We are sorry for this and regardless of how many people were ultimately affected, any exposure at all is unacceptable to us. We will continue to provide regular updates.

[Update – Tue, 2:49am] – At this point, the accounts that logged in during the period have been emailed with additional activity-related details for review. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

[Update – Fri, 1:59pm] – Today we sent an email directly to users whose accounts were likely compromised during the recent security lapse. According to our records, there were fewer than a hundred affected users and neither account settings nor files were modified in any of these accounts. Our team has been working tirelessly to review what happened and to make sure that it never happens again. At this point, we have contacted all these users and provided them more detail. We will continue to provide updates when available.

Quick update on IQBox

Within 3 weeks the next major revision of IQ Box should be released. Major updates to this upcoming version include:

  • Most importantly, a lot of internal logic to deal with SVN errors and automatically resolve them completely.
  • Engine now does individual file commits, which lessens the likelihood of collisions when files are rapidly changing. 

Also, the menu option to “reset” all SVN data (it deletes the .SVN folders) and start over, in the case of a real mess. This is actually quite a good problem solver if things really do go wrong. I’m using a shared Internet connection from Israel right now (on vacation) so the constant disconnections provide a great way to test, lol.

Also, we now have over 100 downloads.. Woohoo! 🙂